The University of the South Pacific is one of the premium provider of education in the Pacific and is known to be connected to thousands of people across the Pacific and even internationally. With so many people connected to the University, the efficiency in conveying information and communication may vary from time. To ensure that the important bits of the information are shared in time and efficiently, The University of the South Pacific would like to introduce its very own USP Mobile App.

The USP Mobile App is an informative tool for students, staff and visitors. The aim of the app is to have University information and services accessible by the users instantly and efficiently. The USP Mobile App has certain futures (course feed, course notification, Course/Exam timetable) just for students which is available upon their login. It has features such as News and Course Feed provides all the latest university and course news, Notification Alert notifies users about announcements and activities, Events feature shows all the events and activities in USP for the year as per USP calendar, Course and Exam Timetable enables students to access their class and exam schedules on their mobile devices, First Year tools have information on important tools targeted for the first year students, Emergency contacts has important contact for the user to contact in case of emergency, Frequently Asked Questions feature allows users to get urgent assistance when needed, Course Finder shows all the courses offered with their detail and game feature is available to trial out different format of learning (edutainment). The USP mobile App also links to the USP Campus Map that will help the app users to find their way around USP. The app also has other university information. The app will be continuously updated to have most of the USP’s online functionalities in the app.

Download the USP mobile app

You can also download the USP mobile app from for android or for IOS devices or simply by scanning the given QR Code: