Tablet Learning Project

The Tablet Learning Project (TLP) is a pilot project and an initiative by the Vice Chancellor of USP in the enhancement of teaching and learning in the institution. The University gave out 600 Android tablet computers to its students for semester 1, 2013 to use for free. These students undertook study by Print and Online modes in selected courses in Alafua, Emalus, Kiribati, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Lautoka and Labasa campuses. The courses for the project were ED215 Print, ED216 Print, TS106 Print, EC101 Print, MA101 Online, MA102 Online, MA112 Online, MA221 Online, MA321 Online, ST130 Online, IS122 Print and IS224 Print.

The TLP continues in semester 2, 2013 with the same disciplines and 14 courses. The courses are ED316 Print, ED318 Print, TS107 Print, EC102 Print, MA101 Online, MA111 Online, MA161 Online, MA211 Online, MA341 Online, ST131 Online, IS121 Print, IS221 Online, IS323 Print and IS333 Print.

The Android tablet is an intriguing new development in portable computing technology. It is one of the technological devices that are now being introduced in educational institutions as it has many benefits to the learning and teaching process. Due on its portability, tablet computers can be taken to classes with field trips and also be used as a means of note taking in lectures and tutorials. Android tablets can be also populated with educational applications and university course materials. The use of electronic course materials on tablets would also reduce the use of paper.

The mLearning commitee is working in collaboration with all respected Faculties of the University to make the Tablet Learning Project a success.