USP Pacific TAFE

The University South Pacific’s Pacific TAFE offers both Pre-degree and Sub-degree programmes to its twelve member countries. With its diverse nature, Pacific TAFE needs to be able to reach all its students wherever they may be and provide them with learning support assistance.

The Pacific TAFE Learning Support APP is designed to provide key learning support services to all our students wherever they are, whatever mode of learning they are in and at the times they need it most. Its creation resulted from a survey showing that many students were not aware of our learning support services, hence the decision to make it more accessible to them. Once downloaded, learning support is at their fingertips.

Skill Me UP
is based on the approved Learning Support Framework and addresses 4 key areas of learning needs namely “Coping Well” for new students, “Language and Literacy”, “Numeracy” and “Work Readiness”.

The app will be further strengthened via links to relevant demonstrative videos and other resources.

It will also be used for notifications of workshops, conducting surveys and will only be accessible to registered students of Pacific TAFE.