Edutainment is an act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains. Often, when we think of education, we think merely of classrooms where formal (or even informal) learning take place. However, there are many other environments and platforms which can be utilized to educate and engage people, sometimes in a more effective manner. Sometimes we feel that learning is sheer hard work, and when we are done “learning” for a period of time, we may want to take a break for “entertainment”. We keep them separated. However, it is now been discovered and unveiled that entertainment provides one of the best platforms for education. Hence, the birth of Edutainment. With the inclusion of ICT, this new learning tool is certainly making its mark.

JICA Edutainment Workshop

JICA mLearning expert "Shiraishi Yuko" held workshops for the USP mLearning Team. The aim for the workshop was focused on the most commonly used functions of how to store data, how to connect to a server like Moodle, and how to draw graphics on both Web application and Android platforms. The basic skills of database management and Android experience were required and the lectures went a little bit quickly to complete all in four sessions. However, almost all attendees not only actively joined the full sessions, but many of them also got together to discuss and build their applications after workshop, that is why they could create their prototype in short period. Presentations by Shiraishi Yuko can be seen in the from here.