The m-learning team is tasked with looking into feasible options of including m-learning in tertiary education.

Terms of Reference proposed are:

  • To review the current m-learning practices of other universities
  • To work on m-learning projects suitable for USP
  • To recommend specific m-learning tools and practices to USP
  • To implement a gateway to facilitate the interfacing of the m-learning functionalities to the required services, hardware and software
  • To implement suitable m-learning tools and practices into the TL processes of USP
  • To facilitate institutional research in the area of m-learning

Methodology recommended is:

  • To liaise with the Network Providers and seek advice on the implementation on Gateway
  • Record functionality requests from each faculty/section of USP
    • Projects that faculties and sections will want to use through the m-learning initiative.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap to cater for implementation of the gateway and the development of M-learning projects
    • Employ Research Assistants (RAs) to carry out the m-learning projects
    • Research on Open source/commercial applications for setup of gateway and interfacing with Network provider services
    • To liaise with existing vendors of USP on connection link costs, TFL.
    • Build the relevant applications on the Gateway
    • Develop the prioritized m-learning projects
    • Testing of applications using new system and Deployment
  • Carry out surveys on the effectiveness of the different m-learning tools and functionalities
    • Employ part-time staff to carry out the surveys
    • Employ RAs to carry out specific data analysis and to prepare reports
    • Present results and finding to ASQC and the wider online community of practitioners